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Using a grassroots method for avoiding financing, middlemen and cancellation by some control-freak network, friends of the series are pushing to pay for 1 percent of the season a dollar at a time.

A Pontiac man is developing a spy story that will air as a three-part series. The story centers around Jack Fitch, played by Jeff Berndt of Waterford Township, an ex-spy given the task of quickly training a new class of spies when U.S. officials find the old methods of recruiting foreigners becoming too risky and expensive... the plot involves training greenhorn spies in Michigan, discovering secret weapons and subversives, and picking up his daughter Christy (Natalie Miller of Rochester Hills) from school in an urban assault vehicle. What's not to like?
A web series planned for late 2011, THE ADVENTURES OF JACK UZI (title tentative) follows Jack Fitch, master spy, as he gets involved with a new spy academy in Michigan. Tossed into the deep end, he is forced to draft his misfit students to help him solve a bizarre case. What do cellphones, pink lightning, and a group of Ren-faire rejects have in common?
The answer will surprise you.
The reason will confuse you.
The story will amuse you.
See for yourself!

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