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The most important thing about what we're doing is that we are creating a product we love to help benefit a charity in which we all believe. That means that actors and crew are working payment deferred until such time as we can raise the money needed to make the series. This is where you, our sponsors, come in. In return for contributing to this project, whether through money, props, or places to film, you can receive:

Personal Donors
  • DVDs, shirts, and other merchandise
  • Special thank-you credits on our websites
  • Invitations to special events, and
  • Other unique gifts

Corporate Donors
  • Thank-you credits on our web pages, our press releases, and the episodes,
  • Product placement in the web series, and
  • More benefits and recognition specific to your company's goals.
Our full sponsorship document (PDF) can be read or downloaded by clicking this link, but just below this line, we have an explanation of the personal and corporate sponsorship levels, along with the opportunity to sponsor directly through this website.

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